Layers of Fear new horror game coming



Layers of Fear is a new horror game available on pc  you can buy it or download it for free from :

The name Layers of Fear implies some sort of depth, however a failure to branch out of an identical couple of great thoughts it’s prevents this brief horror game from reaching any degree of fright beyond a feeling constructed almost entirely out of worn-out platitudes and economical jump scares

From the first minutes, Layers of Fears brand of terror that is Victorian feels completely understood: you play as an artist, driven to insanity with a creative block that’s made it very hard to finish his masterpiece. It’s a set up that’s brimming with all the possibility to station Gothic, Dorian Gray-design apprehension, and at its maximum stages, Layers of Fear does illustrate this descent into darkness and tension in ways that are extremely interesting.

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horror Tv SHow walkind dead full Review



Greg Nicotero, Matthew Negrete & Scott Gimple set us with this particular season’s end of walking dead . Nicotero directed Gimple and this episode & Negrete composed it. Boy. did they do an excellent job, while keeping it quite near the original source content of the comedian.

Right in the initial few opening seconds, the tone is placed and it’s a dark one. You hear respiring that is confined and see sunshine coming through cracks and holes of some kind of container or vehicle. They’ve Michonne Daryl, Rosita and Glenn caught and it’s bad for them.

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Best 10 Most Horror Games of 2016


The year’s nearly over.

Some of games is what kept the past twelve months from feeling such as the teaser trailer that arrives a day or two prior to the particular preview. We’re likely to forget about it entirely the second we’re given the thing that is real, however there was some excitement available.

It was the year that gave gamers the chance to step into the shoes of a destitute Pamela Voorhees, as we pooled our resources so that you can get our son a first class ticket so he’d eventually come home. In addition, it tell US in regards to the remakes we’ll be becoming sometime approximately 2017 of System Shock and Resident Evil 2, because wonders exist, seemingly.

Guess what happens? Let’s talk about how amazing 2017 will be. I through 2016, you guys. I do this — I only would like one to be aware of that my heart’s not likely to be in it. It’ll be way too busy wondering if 2017 may also be the year that gifts us with a third Censured game.



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SINISTER 2 review



Supernatural national abuse play « Sinister 2 » is an ungainly combination of two narratives. Neither narrative is, separate of the other, particularly imaginative. But when seen as extensions of each other, both the film’s demonic possession/ghost story primary narrative and its own domestic drama subplot that is tragic are eccentric enough to make you wish they were considerably better. Director Ciaran Foy (« Citadel ») and co-writers Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill take on more than most horror films do, but fail to bring anything new or considerate to a storyline about the cyclical/familial nature of victim/bully roles. The film’s creators possess the right thoughts, in that sense, but no hint as to how to develop them, making the movie’s formulaic characterizations, and affordable jump scares that much more frustrating. « Sinister 2 » is so close to really being a good picture that everything awful about it looks ten times worse.

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The Bunker new Horror games Coming

Bunker horror game

The 90s called, they want FMV back. As The Bunker seems astonishingly cool, I promptly hung up though. Produced by Splendy Games (Camera 6) and Wales Interactive (Master Reboot), and starring Adam Brown (The Hobbit trilogy) and Sarah Greene (Penny Dreadful), this completely live action psychological horror game is placed in the government bunker following a nuclear strike that devastated England.

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THE LAST OF US MOVIE is Coming Next year 2017


It is been over a year since we heard anything about THE LAST OF US movie, with creator/screenwriter Neil Druckmann saying of the film adaptation of the popular video game: « Just finished the second draft and we did a table read using a lot of actors and that’s where we are at…. » Sounded supporting, particularly considering it looked for all of the universe that they had their lead in the form of Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams. But no motion on the endeavor in the past 13 months is cause for anxiety, yes? Yes.

In fact, there is barely any news to report

I understand I said in a interview some time back we had a table got the script to your good place and it entered development hell like these things tend to do.
Sam Raimi was on board to make THE LAST OF US movie  and as far as we know, that is still the case. But this hopes for this one getting off the ground shortly have only taken a big hit; we likely will not be receiving a film charting the adventures of Ellie and Joel for a while.

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