Best 10 Most Horror Games of 2016


The year’s nearly over.

Some of games is what kept the past twelve months from feeling such as the teaser trailer that arrives a day or two prior to the particular preview. We’re likely to forget about it entirely the second we’re given the thing that is real, however there was some excitement available.

It was the year that gave gamers the chance to step into the shoes of a destitute Pamela Voorhees, as we pooled our resources so that you can get our son a first class ticket so he’d eventually come home. In addition, it tell US in regards to the remakes we’ll be becoming sometime approximately 2017 of System Shock and Resident Evil 2, because wonders exist, seemingly.

Guess what happens? Let’s talk about how amazing 2017 will be. I through 2016, you guys. I do this — I only would like one to be aware of that my heart’s not likely to be in it. It’ll be way too busy wondering if 2017 may also be the year that gifts us with a third Censured game.





Or that it started. It ’s its own thing, independent from your stuff that inspired it. This close-photorealistic scarefest seems completely frightening.

I do’t should offer you. Outlast 2 will be like Outlast, just better (we expect). Reddish Barrels has proven adept at creating a world that was beautiful using an extremely specific aim in mind: to examine our capability for visceral horror. All I ask is for the weary asylum setting to drop and populate this sequel with an increase of villains which can be as memorably wounding as The Bridegroom.

We wo’t need to wait much more.


Big guns. Larger devils. The Doom franchise has ever been about what goes on when the two are joined, and its latest incarnation is’t likely to wander from that core concept. This really is precisely the kind of bombastic horror game that id Software is brilliant at. The brand new SnapMap modding toolset that’s coming with it should go a long way in keeping players engaged, but the true question is whether the same may be said about its multiplayer offering.


The landscape of multiplayer gaming is not as simple as it’s competitive, ruled with some of well-known franchises their craft. If it’s going to compete with that, doom will have to deliver something specific.



Technically, this spot is reserved for Telltale’s episodic show based on The Walking Dead, which can be expected to grow greatly together with the arrival of two games in 2016. The very first is a three episode-long spin off titled The Walking Dead: Michonne that’s coming in the spring, and also the second is the third season in the main series that’s expected to release in the autumn.




And since we’re talking about it, there are just two other games predicated on the extremely popular comic-turned-hit television series in the works, I’m merely not convinced they’ll arrive before 2017. You might recall that memorably grim preview for Overkill’s The Walking Dead that show creator Robert Kirkman looked excited about. Then there’s Overkill’s The Walking Dead – The VR Experience, which is something distinct, seemingly.

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