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Greg Nicotero, Matthew Negrete & Scott Gimple set us with this particular season’s end of walking dead . Nicotero directed Gimple and this episode & Negrete composed it. Boy. did they do an excellent job, while keeping it quite near the original source content of the comedian.

Right in the initial few opening seconds, the tone is placed and it’s a dark one. You hear respiring that is confined and see sunshine coming through cracks and holes of some kind of container or vehicle. They’ve Michonne Daryl, Rosita and Glenn caught and it’s bad for them.

Morgan is following her trail and is still on his assignment looking for Carol. In the last episode Rick and Morgan stumbled upon another man wearing body armour saying he was merely looking for his horse.

He’s in a rush and the camera fast flits to Carl and is collecting ammo and firearms . Enid needs to go to the Hilltop with him and others, they have been bringing Maggie to begin to see a doctor since she was having lots of pain. She does’t wish to be left behind but Carl is and keeps telling her she has to stay back and shield Alexandria. Carl clarifies they are dangerous and the Saviours are out there. Denise was killed by them and attempted killing Rosita, Maggie, Daryl, Carol and Eugene. He is attempting to guard her from going out from the walls and does’t need her getting killed.

Sasha and Abraham approach Rick and tell him that they’re a package deal and they wish to join him. Eugene says, “what she said” and is behind them. Rick chose to bring the RV where Rick as well as the others were heading with Jim in the trunk of Dale’s RV, it brought me back.

Enid is in hopes of running into a few of the Saviors and evening the score and understands he is’t only doing it but doing it; onto Carl. Eugene is convincing Rick to let him go together and says that he’ll be some help to them and that he must discuss the ammo , is the time plus here is the location.” He tells that he can be his anchorman and Rick and he means it. Rick ca’t help but grin.

The strange guy running in the Saviours captured and has eventually been encircled. The leader of the group tells the guy he made them do this not them. Him and his folks were given rules to move but broke them. He says that this is the way it must be and that they made a mistake.

The transitioning between scenes are fast as they flit back and forth from the fight as well as the punishing Saviors between Enid and Carl. Their first lovers ‘ quarrel maybe? As she goes to catch the firearms he obstructs the door using a seat, locking her interior and immediately shuts the cabinet door. Fast back around to the Saviors as well as the woods are beating against the guy, making an example of him and they’re not the sorts to give clemency. Flash back around to Enid beating on the door requesting Carl to let out her. She then asks and pauses. She inquires what she’s imagined to do and how she’s assumed to reside with that. “Only survive as he leaves to visit the RV Carl tells Enid.

Aaron is explaining to him why he desires to come together and has approached Rick on walking dead .

Father Gabriel lets Rick understand that he understands the plans and all of the fail safes have been in place if anything were to occur while he was gone. Father Gabriel is in charge of the security of Alexandria and seems assured and Rick will not be failed by him. He inquires if he’s comfortable leaving him and assures Rick that Judith is his number one priority and Rick responses yes to him. The camera pans right as if Rick was speaking “Tell them to wait for me personally, I got them a deal.” Rick as well as the others leave at mind and Alexandria to the Hilltop for Maggie.

His new horse company and Morgan are galloping down a road as he looks for any hints of Carol. He finds a load of walkers recently sees Carol balled on the steps of the building and killed in place. Because of being hunched over in pain she practically looked like a walker. She’s in rough shape and Morgan can see she reveals great concern and empathy towards her and ’s damage poor.

The poor guy the Saviours caught is being pulled into a road by his feet to be revealed to somebody as an example. He tells them that all his folks in the library are alive who they’ve been waiting for.

The group in the RV as well as Rick are heading towards the Hilltop and everyone is worried about Maggie’s state, particularly Rick. “Everything we’ve done, we’ve done collectively,” he says. We got here and we’re here. That I understand. Cause as long as it’s us all, we can do anything.”

It appears that Morgan and Carol are at an identical library the man the Saviors has got, the one before they perished, they resided. Carols injure is being cleaned up by Morgan and he hears a sound and she tells him he’s difficult to get and that it’s a walker. She attempted to but she was to active bleeding to get to it. He tells her that she wants antibiotics and stitches to ensure the wound does’t get infected.

The RV is being driven by Abraham and sees a number of guys obstructing the road. He tells him naw although Abraham asks Rick if they’re “doing this”. Rick tells him a deal can be made by them but the only method that occurs is that because that’s the way that they do things they’ll need to kill among them and when they give them all their items. He tells Rick all he must do is listen. Rick tells him that he was really planning to ask them for each of their things and that the deal is however he’d’t need to kill them, nicely anymore of these. Among the Saviours guys spray paints the man putting on the way with a layout as well as the leader of these says that they do’t negociate. Rick tells him he replies “okay buddy, Rick, there’s lots of methods to get to where you’re going and that him and his group are leaving afterward.”

It’s where they’re headed, like they understand. Before Rick gets into the RV the Saviours man is asked by him, “Need to create the day your last day on earth?” He replies that it turned out to be an excellent thing to bring up, what if it on earth for you personally or somebody you like. Rick is being too assured and never taking them. They head and back track another approach to access the Hilltop.

Michonne Daryl, Rosita and Glenn are stuck also it seems that all the light source is coming from bullet holes. He replies as he looks at Maggie because he owes them. Sasha and Eugene are discussing routes to take to reach the Hilltop; another manner tries.

She tells Morgan simply because he needs her to come back does’t mean she’ll. He tells her that she must return and that they care about her but she describes why she left to him that’s. She does’t believe when you’ve got folks you care about, he gets it and tells him, need to kill for them and you must shield them. In case you ca’t or do’t kill you don’t get both and you must escape from them. Morgan does ’t agree along with her and says if she remains out she tells him to let her perish afterward and there she’s going to expire. There’s a cost you and Morgan ’re going to pay it If you care about anyone. I ‘ve but I wo’t and ca’t.” Morgan hears the rustling in the difficult to reach walker.

Abraham generally seems to get changed his tune. Sasha is asked by him if she’d have the capacity to do what Glenn and Maggie are doing. By him inquiring something large and important as the things they’re doing and Sasha is surprised and inquires if he could. He looks happy with his response and tells her he could. The Saviours face with a different blockade them, as they come into a curve in the road but this times it’s a lot more folks. They are prepared for fight and that Rick determines to not participate them and have been waiting for them but find another way around. Carl is ready to fight with them but Rick says do it and they should be clever. As they back away to go another way one among their Saviours fires off their automatic firearm in the air, like it’s participate or a warning or a sign which they did’t go that manner. It feels like they are being corralled by the Saviours and making them go just how that they need them to.

Morgan goes outside to kill it and also to scrutinize where the walker that is difficult to reach is. He sees that its own neck has ’s in a tower and hung it. The tower scales and puts it and cuts it down. He understands Carol took off and immediately gets back as well as the horse and goes looking for her and goes back in the library.

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In the RV what is being discussed by the group and Abraham says Sasha says that they were’t the same men obstructing the road and they’ve half a tank of petrol. They understand the Saviours have amounts however they understand they is going to do anything to get her there and must get Maggie. This must be among the trendiest things they’ve done so far using the walkers. The Saviours chained walkers by shoving on chains intertwining the chains and about them creating a connected wall of walkers.

Eugene describes to come up with like that takes lots of men and women, a red rover, it’s becoming clear that they may be outnumbered by the Saviours . They begin to see these walkers have pieces of things and clothing that belong to their own folks; Michonne and Daryl ’s things. Daryl is ’sed hair, by locks of Michonne ’s bolts and pieces of the clothes. They fire at their feet and Rick tells the others of these to return in the RV. Rick cuts away the walkers arm Sasha shoots a couple and so your line of walkers will be broken, so the RV could fit, creating a gap between them. Rick is being made by them and them go where they need them to end there and up .

Rick understands they were just firing at their feet and they did so they needed them to go this way, the road is blocked by ’t entirely. He understands they’ve their folks and he feels helpless. They do’t understand things to do but Maggie’s state is getting worse, she’s got a temperature. Rick fixates on a couple of bullet holes in Abraham and the RV phones to get his focus. There’s another roadblock up forward and this time it’s double the guys afterward last roadblock. Rick is losing his trust and it’s beginning to unhinge. Abraham asks him back where although Rick tells him to return. They make an effort to go it’s horrifying and they’re there waiting, one step ahead of them.


Carol is being searched for by Morgan and comes across a walker on the road and beside they get his eye plus it sets carols prayer beads. Her wound appears to be troubling her as she continues walking, wanting to escape from Morgan. Already poor and injured Carol pulls in the walker’s hair to try and get an edge and opening to kill it and fights to resist away the walker. As she yanks on the walkers hair the walker attempts to bite Carol inducing her hair, scalp and face to yank and detach and tear off her skull.

Carol can stab and kill it and her breath is caught by her in the battle. As she totally stands up she is tackled by a man out of nowhere. She attempts to fight away him but he gets the upper hand and gets her gun. It’s the man in the street, all his buddies were killed by her and he wants payback. He shoots Carol in the arm and says and understands bleeding is ’sed by him and will expire to let’s see who dies first. It’s extremely tough seeing Carol as the sufferer like we seen with her husband Ed. in season one

Maggie getting worse by the minute and is looking genuinely ill. She asks Rick if they’re close and he seems extremely stressed. Rick seldom reveals it’s quite unnerving to see him and when he’s worried and frightened. He grasps her hand snugly and strokes her hair and tells her everything will be okay. She’s going to be fine as well as that there’s more and the infant is going to be fine. I believe it gets him smile as his eyes welled up and in you Rick” Maggie tells him.

Carol starts to laugh understanding she’s getting what she needed and is in pain. He inquires what’s wrong and she says there’s nothing wrong with her; not she’s going to expire so there’s nothing wrong with her. He then shoots her and grins and asks her if she believes she endured now. She replies no roll down her face. He looks baffled by what she starts walking away from her and said. Carol tells him if he does’t kill her she’s not planning to expire and that her destiny is not decided by him not the world. She is weeping as she tells him and is in distress he only get what he needs and ca’t walk away. Morgan gets the firearm Rick gave the guy was aimed in by him and he tells him he to simply drop the firearm and can survive this. He says no and goes to shoot Morgan and Carol unloads the clip to the man firing 6 shots. Morgan seems torn but he understood it had to be performed. He goes around to tests on her and Carol and she begs him to let her go.

As Morgan looks over her he hears someone approaching from behind and immediately turns around to find two guys behind them. Both guys are wearing body armour, the exact same armour we seen the man in the last episode when he was searching for his lost horse wearing. Morgan puts the bits together and tells them he located his buddy and their horse but she wants help. The cryptic guy says that she will be helped by them and him and Morgan exchange a handshake, revealing common trust between each other. These men must be from the community known as the Kingdom! Jesus was’t incorrect when he said your world will get a good deal larger.

This time tries another path plus they see that it’s been blocked with a huge loads of trees. They understand they’re up against folks much more prepared and arranged then they have a lot more people and are then they envisioned. As they try and discover things to do a guy fights to fight because of his life and drops from a chain around his neck connected to the bridge. Aaron needs to shoot down him to put him out of his distress however they tell him work wo be ’ted by it since its metal strings plus they must preserve their bullets. They stand helpless and traumatized as they observe the guy expire and take his last breath as well as the Saviours set fire to the huge stack of logs obstructing the road. They’ve been showing the things they’re capable of if they do’t follow their rules and their strength.

Rick as well as the others turn to try another method. They try and create an agenda and park. They understand a physician is needed by Maggie and there isn’t any turning back. The group seems stressed and so conquered; it’s heartbreaking to observe them. If they wait till it gets dark they are able to attempt the strategy and find out whether it works, he believes, it’s the only strategy they’ve left. Rick really looks frightened and we’ve’t seen him. Eugene understands what must be done and he can continue as they go through the woods, driving the RV to keep eyes and not the others. Rick is very amazing full for everything they are fortunate they’ve him and Eugene has done for them.

Eugene and Abraham share a touching moment. Abraham acknowledges that he constantly was a survivor and he was wrong however they simply did’t understand it. Abraham goes to shake Eugene’s hand but he is hugged by Eugene instead plus they embrace each other closely as if it might be their last time. Eugene gets and takes and the group takes off in the woods a deep breath and starts to drive to the night time.

As its way shuffles through the woods having a large branch sticking from its own torso, heavy fog rolling in behind it; by slitting half of its own head, causing it to fly to the moonlight, Carl immediately takes it down. This kind of amazing kill by Carl, effortless and easy. The group wanting to get Maggie is going rapidly and themselves to security. Carl is speaking to his father and he tells him that they’ll do whatever they must do to escape this. Other whistles join in from many different ways and volumes. They understand they besieged and have been seen and Rick tells them to go quickly and they start running.


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