The Bunker new Horror games Coming

Bunker horror game

The 90s called, they want FMV back. As The Bunker seems astonishingly cool, I promptly hung up though. Produced by Splendy Games (Camera 6) and Wales Interactive (Master Reboot), and starring Adam Brown (The Hobbit trilogy) and Sarah Greene (Penny Dreadful), this completely live action psychological horror game is placed in the government bunker following a nuclear strike that devastated England.

To be able to survive the horrors he can’t escape, John, the last remaining survivor in the bunker that is eponymous, will have to defeat one of gaming’s most worn-out cliches: amnesia. Bad Amnesia: The Dark Descent was chosen, because that name and this match would’ve matched.

The Bunker is coming to PC, mobile and consoles this summer.

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